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May 4, 2004

Age: 16

My life goals…

  • Make out to DMB’s “Crush”
  • Go to the Netherlands and smoke hash at a hash bar
  • Go to South Africa and listen to people play guitar on the street
  • Attend an Afro-Cuban show in Senegal 
  • Make and edit a film that I’m PROUD of
  • Become a published author, none of this school lit mag bs
  • Meet Dave Matthews 
  • Travel across country/hitch hike 
  • Smoke a cigarette on the corner of Haight/Ashbury
  •  Drink wine by myself and fall asleep on a beach under the stars
  • Climb a mountain… any mountain.
  • Learn more about Buddhism 
  • See every single Degrassi episode 
  • Drive a Jetta 
  • Sit in a cafe in Italy on a stone street with my legs crossed wearing pointy shoes made of Italian leather and drink mineral water and smoke a clove while wearing red lipstick, but not get any on the filter. 
  • Follow DMB around on tour and not wear shoes and say things like “Trippy” and mean them.
  • Go to Bonnaroo down in Tennessee

I was a really driven teenager.