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Jessica’s Book of Treasures
Age: 10

Jessica’s Book of Treasures

Age: 10

March 5, 1998

My Moose
Age: 10 

On March 5, 1998, we made our own collages. I thought it was a good idea. I didn’t make something very creative, though, because I’m more of a non – fiction person. Well, I made a moose and here are some of the ideas I had, colors and shapes I made, and what I was thinking when I made “MY MOOSE.”

The colors I used were red, green, and purple. The reason I used these colors was because they seemed to blend well. Plus, I wanted to make an abstract moose, and these seemed to be good colors to use. For the shapes I used ovals, circles, antlers, triangles, and semi – circles because those seemed to be the shapes of a moose.

When I made my moose it made me feel very happy. It seems that whenever I make an art project I always mess up on it, but not on this one. You see, I really like moose, so making a moose made me feel excited and joyful.

I got the idea of making a moose because I love moose. Whenever I do something like this, I just seem to immediately think of moose. Since moose is sort of funny, and I love to laugh, I thought that making a moose would make me feel happy, and it did.

I really enjoyed doing this project because it made me feel relaxed, and it made me feel free. It was a great feeling, and I hope we do this project again.

Fall 1994

I wrote this note to my mother in 1st grade after going to the alley to play kickball with the neighborhood kids without telling her. I was apparently very polite for a 6 year old.

Age: 6

Dear Mommy,

I am sorry I didn’t tell you where I was going. I had a funny feeling inside that told me to come back. But I disobeyed myself.

I am sorry.

I Love you.

Love, Jessica

October 16, 1997

Age: 9

Dear Journal,

Today is the 16 of October. I just finished cleaning my room. As my dad would say, “It’s so clean it’s sparkling!”

Nothing’s new. I’m still reading “Number the Stars” By: Lowis Lowry. My class reads sooooo slow! I mean, I read the book at LEAST 3 times! Oh well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to read it again. It IS a good book.

I’m playing the clarinet now! Our teacher Mr. G is nice, but when you get him mad he gets MAD.

Well, I gotta go practice my clarinet!


Jessica Roy

Sophomore Year

Age: 15


If you fail this final you can give up all hope of getting into AP. And if you don’t get into AP you’ll never get into a good college, or might I say, university. And if you don’t get into the most prestigious pretentious #1 school in America, you may as well kiss your life good bye because you’ll end up on the street a crackwhore with a burn out husband collecting food stamps for your five children, all because of that one little exam you failed way back when. YOUR WHOLE LIFE IS RIDING ON THIS YOUR WHOLE LIFE…



May 4, 2004

Age: 16

My life goals…

  • Make out to DMB’s “Crush”
  • Go to the Netherlands and smoke hash at a hash bar
  • Go to South Africa and listen to people play guitar on the street
  • Attend an Afro-Cuban show in Senegal 
  • Make and edit a film that I’m PROUD of
  • Become a published author, none of this school lit mag bs
  • Meet Dave Matthews 
  • Travel across country/hitch hike 
  • Smoke a cigarette on the corner of Haight/Ashbury
  •  Drink wine by myself and fall asleep on a beach under the stars
  • Climb a mountain… any mountain.
  • Learn more about Buddhism 
  • See every single Degrassi episode 
  • Drive a Jetta 
  • Sit in a cafe in Italy on a stone street with my legs crossed wearing pointy shoes made of Italian leather and drink mineral water and smoke a clove while wearing red lipstick, but not get any on the filter. 
  • Follow DMB around on tour and not wear shoes and say things like “Trippy” and mean them.
  • Go to Bonnaroo down in Tennessee

I was a really driven teenager.

August 4, 2004

Age: 16


the movie Garden State just changed my life.

August 11, 2004

Age: 16

i’m really annoyed actually. because i have tickets to go see phish tomorrow night, and it’s their last tour, and whitney’s been planning to go with me. i have no idea if she’s still coming because she hasn’t returned my call. and so if she calls me and cancels tomorrow then i’ll have no one to go with! and this is phish’s last tour so it’s not like i can just NOT GO. and on top of that, i kind of need to be able to go with someone who has their license because we won’t have rides all the way to camden. so i’m pretty much shit out of luck if whitney can’t come. ugh, NOT. COOL.

Apr 6

February 14, 1999

Age: 11


Today I went to the mall with Grammy and Ali and bought 2 spaghetti strap shirts, and one has a light blue jacket that goes over it and the sleeves stop at the elbos! It’s sooo cool. It looks like a Danielle Fishel outfit!

We ate at Red Robin’s tonight. It was alright, even though we had to wait for our food for like a half hour! And boy was I hungry, and tired!

Well I g2g! Bye! luv u lots!


Apr 3
A pros and cons list of boys I was crushing on in 8th grade. 
I like that “plays hard 2 get” is a pro.

A pros and cons list of boys I was crushing on in 8th grade. 

I like that “plays hard 2 get” is a pro.